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February 5th, 2023

Ecclesiastes  8  week lesson:

The book of Ecclesiastes offers the wisdom of King Solomon concerning the meaning of life. Is everything meaningless? In this series we will explore this insightful Old Testament book to reveal how fearing God and obeying His commands gives us a life of purpose and spiritual significancE


2-5-2023 Lesson 1: Is Everything Meaningless?

Are we living a life that is rich in meaning, or one that has no meaning at all? In this lesson, students find out that everything is meaningless apart from God. 


2-12-2023 Lesson 2: The Pursuit

In this lesson, students learn from the wisdom of Solomon about the importance of putting our trust in God as the source for our contentment, and not the pursuit of worldly treasures. 

2-19-2023 Lesson 3: There is No Time

In this lesson, students learn from Solomon that there is a time and season for everything. We should not use the time God gives us foolishly. 

2-26-2023 Lesson 4: Standing

In this lesson, students discover the purpose of friendships, and learn that life is more meaningful when it is lived with true friends. 


3-5-2023 Lesson 5: You Can’t Take It With You

Do we live like the pursuit of money will bring true happiness? In this lesson, students find that true joy is in Christ, not wealth. 

3-12-2023 Lesson 6: The Wise & The Foolish

No one thinks they are a fool, but so many of us are not living according to wise principles. In this lesson, we learn from the ancient words of Solomon how to live wisely today. 

3-19-2023 Lesson 7: It’s Not Fair!

Things in this life do not always seem fair. In this lesson, we are reminded that everything is in God’s hands, not ours, and what happens after this life is final and just. 

3-26-2023 Lesson 8: Fear God

True wisdom reveals that God must come first. From this lesson we learn the difference between wise and foolish living, and what it means to “fear God.” 
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